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Lang & Klain is the ideal law firm for Arizona business owners who seek effective solutions to the threat of complex commercial disputes ... and for contractors, subcontractors and construction suppliers who value responsive, industry-specific legal assistance in construction law, payment rights, ROC licensing and complaints, and compliance with federal wage and hour requirements.


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Kent Lang

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Mike Thal

Kevin Estevez

George King

Jason Clark

Lori Guner

Brittany Neel

Brittany Neel


 What’s New

Responding to an ROC Complaint

A new policy statement issued by the ROC provides useful clarification of what constitutes a timely response to a workmanship or non-payment complaint

Attorney News

Welcome, Brittany Neel, Lang & Klain's newest attorney | Bill Klain is appointed to the Committee on Civil Justice Reform | Lori Guner has been admitted to practice law in California

Miller Act

90-Day Notice Period Runs from Date of Last Delivery on Open Accounts

Best Law Firms®

Lang & Klain is a 2016 Tier 1 (Metro) selectee for Commercial Litigation

Licensed Contractor, Unlicensed Work

The Arizona Court of Appeals rules that a licensed contractor can sue to collect only for work covered by its license.

Little Miller Act: Registered or Certified Mail Required for 20-Day Notices

In Cemex v. Falcone Bros., the Arizona Court of Appeals rules that first-class mail does not meet statutory requirements for public projects


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Piece Work and the Fair Labor Standards Act

Compensating workers based on piece work and productivity can be good for you and them – if you are as diligent in recording hours worked as in monitoring tasks completed

The Trouble with Change Orders

Faulty documentation leads to unnecessary finger pointing and charges of dishonesty

Arizona Prompt Payment Act

A licensed contractor or material supplier is entitled to prompt payment from the party with which it contracted

Avoiding Breach of Contract When Time Is of the Essence

In the construction business, the phrase “time is of the essence” is far more than a cliché