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Arizona Electrical Contractor Solar Licensing and Warranty Requirements

An Arizona electrician who contracts to wire a solar device must not only be properly licensed; the electrician must also be prepared to meet a statutory requirement regarding written warranties



This article appeared in the January 2015 issue of "The Construction Advisor" published by Lang & Klain, P.C.

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With respect to licensing for solar projects, an electrician must hold a C-11 residential, L-11 commercial or K-11 dual license.

In addition, Arizona law (A.R.S. § 44-1762) requires contractors to give property owners a two-year written warranty after working on their solar devices, whether the wiring is part of original installation or is a repair.

The warranty must be:

  • printed on the contractor’s letterhead,

  • in a form that has been approved by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors (see sample Solar Device Warranty).

  • given to the owner upon completion of the work, and

  • submitted to the ROC’s Licensing Department (the warranty may be faxed to the ROC at 602-542-1599, with a request to place it in the contractor’s licensing file.)

If the electrician also sold the solar equipment to the owner, the electrician’s warranty must also state that the equipment meets the requirements of Arizona law (see sample Solar Device Warranty and Certificate of Compliance).

Solar energy devices are subject to random ROC inspection. Solar inspections are not triggered by the filing of a workmanship complaint; rather, the ROC may examine the installation at any time. Any deficiency in the work can subject the contractor to disciplinary action (e.g., suspension, probation, revocation or other disciplinary orders by the ROC).